Delhi is the place with the cheapest food in the world and that is the reason we are sharing Food Under RS 50 in Delhi. There are hundreds of dishes that you can try in 50 INR and you will surely love to eat. When foreigners visit Delhi India, they always want to try Indian street food. Indian street food is not only yummy but also one of the budget-friendly foods all across the world. You can find a variety of street food in Delhi India even if you have 50 inr in your pocket. So, let’s have a look at the list of food that you can try for 50 INR from Delhi India.

Food Under RS 50 in Delhi

People who love to eat street food can check the below list and can find perfect street food on a low budget. As you know the trend of food blogging is increasing day by day and people want to cover more places but at low rates. We have decided to share the best places and food under RS 50 in Delhi India. You can check the below-given list and can find a variety of food under 50.

Street Food under 50 INR in Delhi:

The best street food under 50 INR in Delhi is given here. You can check the below-given places and can visit to try one of the best food in just 50 INR. So, don’t waste your time and check the below side.

Breakfast Under RS 50:

On the below side, we are sharing the details of breakfast under RS 50 in Delhi India. You can eat a variety of breakfasts in 50 INR but the famous breakfast is as follows.

Chole Kulchy:

Chole Kulchy is one of the most famous breakfasts in India. You can find Chole Kulchy from dawn to dusk every day on every street corner. The best thing about Chole Kulchy is that they are budget-friendly and tasty. The normal chole kulchy plate in Delhi is RS 40. You can visit any of the famous Chole Kulchy stalls and can get it for Rs 40.

Food Under RS 50 in Delhi

Allu Paratha:

The second best dish to try under Rs 50 is Allu paratha. When it comes to the best Desi food in India especially in Delhi and Punjab, people love to eat Parathas. In paratha, the Allu paratha is one of the most favorite parathas and that is the reason you can find it in every street of Delhi India. Single Allu paratha cost RS 30 but in some places, you will get in 25 INR too.

Food Under RS 50 in Delhi Allu Paratha

Bread and Butter:

When visiting old Delhi, you can try bread and butter with buttermilk as it is one of the traditional breakfasts in Old Delhi. You can visit any shop and can get a break and butter in just RS 20. They also serve salty buttermilk along with bread and butter in additional RS 10. So, you have to pay RS 30 to get buttermilk, and bread &butter.

Bread and Butter

Chaat Under RS 50:

On the above side, we have only shared the breakfast dishes but now we have decided to share some of Chaat that you can try under RS 50 in Delhi India. So, have a look on the below side and can find which chat is available in RS 50 in Delhi India.


The most common chaat in india is bhelpuri chaat. You can find this chaat from different bicycle carts in India. There are hundreds of thousands of bhelpuri stalls in India from where you can get Bhelpuri in RS 20, RS 30, or RS 40. So, when you are visiting India, you have to try Bhelpuri in chaat.


Dahi Bhalla:

Dahi Bhalla/ Vada is also one of the most common chaats in Delhi India. This is not only one of the best chaat in India but also very economical too. You can get two Vada dipped in yogurt in just RS 30. So, if you are looking for something tasty and light then, you can try Dahi Vada in Delhi.

Dahi Vada India

Gol Gappa:

When it comes to chaat you can never ignore Gol Gappa. This is one of the most consumed chaats in India and that is the reason you can find more gol Gappa stalls than other types of restaurants. A single plate of gol gappa normally costs RS 35 in Delhi India.

Gol Gappa

Kanji Vada:

Most of you have tried Dahi vada but only a few of you may know about Kanji Vada. This is one of the most famous chaats of Dwarka and old Delhi. The benefits of Kanji have been scientifically proven and that is the reason people started selling vada dipped in Kanji which increases the taste of Kanji too. If we talk about the price of Kanji vara then, you can get two vadas and a glass of kanji for just Rs 30.

Kanji Vada


Samosa is basically the most common snack in India but Delhi people make chaat with samosa too. They usually put two or one samosas on a plate and then add a variety of sauces and then add salad and masala and make a unique chaat. The price of two samosas with sauces is RS 50.

Food Under RS 50 in Delhi Samosa


All the above snacks are spicy and salty but Jalebi is sweet. People usually eat jalebi on happy occasions but sometimes they eat after lunch or dinner two. There is no need to worry about its prices as you can independently purchase from Rs 10 to unlimited in Delhi. So, if you are looking for something sweet to eat in Delhi, then, you can eat jalebi.


Lunch under Rs 50 in Delhi:

Indians usually eat very light in lunch but every person has a different appetite and they eat accordingly. You can also have lunch in less than 50 INR in Delhi. The details of dishes that you can eat in lunch in RS 50 are as follows.

Kadhi Chawal:

Kadhi Chawal is famous all across India but usually, people from Delhi love to eat this dish for lunch. Every vendor has his own recipe of Kadhi chawal as some people serve Achar with Kadhi Chawal while others serve raita and salad. The single plate price of Kadhi chawal is RS 35. You can also add Shami for an extra RS 20.

Kadi Chawal

Vada Pav:

Vada Pav is one of the famous dishes from Mumbai but people from Delhi also love to eat vada pav in lunch. The price is a bit higher in Delhi than in Mumbai but still, you can easily get it for RS 40 or RS 50. They usually serve 2 pavs with two vadas with different sauces.

Vada pav


In Delhi, people also love to eat Haleem with kulchy and chawal. This is one of the most economical dishes in India for non-veg people. They use chicken or mutton and a variety of lentils to prepare this special dish named Haleem or Daleem. The single Chicken Daleem plate cost Rs 50.


Aloo Kachori:

One of the most common Food Under RS 50 in Delhi is allu kachori. There are so many vendors who are selling the best aloo kachori but you can visit Jung Bahadur kachori wala to try its special aloo kachori. You can get 1 pc for RS 20 and 2 pcs for Rs 35. So, visit Jung Bahadur and try its special Kachori.


Usually, non-veg people love to eat nihari as they use a variety of lentils grains and meet to prepare special Nihari. It is one of the best desi food to try in breakfast and lunch in India. If we talk about the best and economical Nihari in Delhi then, you can visit Haji Shabrati Nihari Wale because they are offering a single Nihari plate for just RS 50. So, if you are in old Delhi then, it must be in your priority list.


Dinner under Rs 50 in Delhi:

There are two types of foodies in Delhi India including vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Both eat different types of food for dinner. We are sharing some of the best dinners under RS 50 in Delhi India that you can check from the below side.

Seekh Kebab:

When it comes to the best street food in India for dinner then, you can eat Seekh kebab from Old Delhi. There are two main types of seekh kebab including chicken kebab and beef kebab. Single beef or chicken kebab costs Rs 20 and you can easily consume two or more kebab in one sitting. So, it is best to eat seekh kebab from Delhi.

Seekh Kebab

Egg Bhurji:

The Egg Bhurji is one of the most famous dishes of New Delhi. So, if you are near the New Delhi railway station then, you can try the most famous Egg bhurji at New Delhi Railway station. The price of egg bhurji is Rs 50.

Egg Bhurji

Rajma Chawal:

You can find different stalls on Delhi roads during the night selling Rajma chawal. There are two reasons to eat Rajma chawal from Delhi including budget-friendly, and tasty. So, you can also try rajma chawal from Delhi if you have a low budget.

Rajma Chawal


Delhi is the hub of momos and you can find a variety of fried momos, tandoori momos, and many other types from Delhi. Furthermore, you can get veg momos or non-veg momos as per your requirements. Normally a single plate of momos costs Rs 25 to Rs 40. So, you can also try momos when you are in Delhi.

Tandoori Momos

We have shared some of the best Food under RS 50 in Delhi India. You can also let us know through comments for more dishes to try in India. We will surely update those dishes in the above-given list. For the details of restaurants in India, you can check the main page of this website.

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