Are you guys excited of The Palate Fest 2022. Yes it is a come back after a few years. Now you can easily get the tasty burger Tikkas, Pancakes and much more. Get ready for the festival arranged in New Delhi. This is the real time when you can just put aside your all diet plans. Because at this event you will just have fun with your favorite food in the event. The major culprit of your diet die is The Palate fest. In November they are just bringing all the best food under a sky.

The Palate Fest 2022

So guys the food event is just organized for the families and the friends that can chill together. All the foodies who just want to go outside and then eat, so this event is organized for them. At this place you can pick the veg or non-veg food from here.

The Palate Festival:

The best place to try the new brand and new taste from the city’s best restaurant. 100 of stalls are just organized at The palate fest. A huge garden party that had food and some activities that loved by foodie. Most famous restaurants are going to present the best food for you guys.

Palate food fest

The Palate Fest Dates:

Gourmet food are just available here. So now the question is that at which date you just go to this place. Currently the exact dates haven’t mentioned but the event will be organized just in November.

The Palate Fest timings:

Usually this type of event just organizes at the evening time to till late night. So to enjoy the vibe of this place along with the live music and food at the best time of the day.

Palate food fest 2022

Palate Fest Location:

As the Palate fest is just located in the heart city of India Delhi. But the exact location is shared here.

Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri, Delhi

Palate Fest Ticket Price:

The tickets of the fest 2022 can be booked online. But the rates would be mentioned soon.

The Palate Fest Pictures:

As the event is just another world of the foodies. So the images of the festivals can be shared here. See the images from here and then go the flow with the lights and the vibe of this place.

The palate food fest

Horn Ok Please Festival

For all foodies in India, we present you with a festival names The Palate Fest 2022. This will help you discover the best delicacies from around the world and indulge in them to your heart’s content. Comment us about the festival if you have visited this place ever in your life.

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