People sometimes wonder that Why Momos Are So Famous in Delhi India. There are thousands of reasons to love momos because they are the yummiest thing to eat in street food. Delhi people know how to make perfect momos and that is the reason they have introduced dozens of flavors and styles of momos. Some people love to eat fried momos while others want to eat tandoori momos. Likewise, there are some people who want to eat steamed momos in Delhi. Apart from this, people who love to eat veg food can get veg momos while other people can get a variety of non-veg momos in Delhi India.

Why Momos Are So Famous in Delhi

Momos are one of the most common street food in Delhi India. People from Delhi love to eat momos in their lunch and dinner. You can find momos carts on every street corner as Delhi people cannot spend a day without eating momos. So, if you want to know why momos are so famous then, you have to read the entire article. We are sharing the main reasons behind the popularity of momos in India.

Why Delhi People Eat Momos?

When a foreigner visits Delhi he/ she always wonders that why Delhi people Eat momos on regular basis. There may be thousands of reasons behind this but some of the main reasons are as follows. You can check the below side and can find the reasons behind the popularity of momos in Delhi India.

Tandoori Momos

Easily Available:

One of the most common reasons to eat Momos in Delhi is that they are easily available on every corner. As Delhi is one of the busiest cities in India and people don’t have much time. They don’t want to waste their time by deciding on any other dish and they always tend to eat momos. Momos are available on every corner so by eating momos you can save your time too.

Yummiest Street Food:

When it comes to street food, people always want to eat the yummiest thing available in the market. There is nothing better than momos in Delhi. You can try any type of momos and you will surely love to eat. So, the second reason behind the popularity of momos is their unique and yummy taste.

Veg and Non-Veg:

Momos are veg and non-veg and you can try as per your food type. So, if you are vegetarian and want to eat something veg then, you can try veg momos from Delhi. Asides from this, if you are non-veg and want to eat tasty non-veg then, you can try chicken momos or any other non-veg momos. They are famous among veg and non-veg people in Delhi India.


Momos are one of the cheapest food to buy from Delhi. They are available for as low as RS 10. So, if you are interested to eat something good in a low budget then, nothing can beat momos. So, you can visit any nearest cart and can try momos from there in a low budget.


You will never get bored as you can get more than dozen flavors in each type of momos. Depending on the seller, you can get more than 50 types of momos in Delhi India. Asides from this, there is no need to eat fried momos every day as you can get Tandoori momos, steamed momos, and much more.

On the above side, we have shared some of the reasons to answer the question, Why Momos Are So Famous in Delhi. There are also many other reasons behind their popularity that are not mentioned on this website. If you want to contribute in this list then, you can write it down in the comment section on Dine Guru India Website. We will surely update this list as soon as possible. For more details, you can visit the main page of this website.

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