Here we are talking about McDonald’s Laxmi Plaza New Delhi Menu. As we all know that McDonald’s is a fast-food chain that is spread all over India. From Mcdonald’s, you will get worldwide standard food at incredibly reasonable expenses. They similarly offer a couple of special food items on different occasions. In addition to this, you will moreover get a markdown on the food when you visit at different times of the day. Asides from this, you can have a tasty breakfast at this spot. The rates are so reasonable so this eatery ought to be on your need list.

McDonald’s Laxmi Plaza New Delhi Menu

Right, when you have meddled with yourself then there could be not any more astounding spot than Mcdonald’s. As they have an outstanding kids section free they can get the best free toy as a gift. Here is the menu of this spot for all the customers. You will get the best deals from this place.

McDonald’s Menu Card:

As we all know that there are a lot of burgers available at this place. As McAloo Tikki Burger is the famous Burger in India McDonald’s. This means that the restaurant has many veg burgers. So according to your taste, you can order your favorite burger. The rate list is just mentioned here.

  • Mc Veggie Burger
  • Mc Aloo Tikki
  • Mc Spicy Paneer
  • Wraps
  • Schezwan Burger
  • Butter Paneer Burger
  • Dosa Masala Burger
  • Pizza Puff
  • Veg Maharaja Mac
  • Fillet O Fish Burger

McDonald’s Meal App:

Discover your kid’s best musical talent. Now Happy Meal App will surely create happy moments with your kids. This is the time to Explore the animated books with your loved ones. There are a lot of gifts available for the Happy meal.

McDonald’s Breakfast Menu:

The morning will be better with this best breakfast. You can now just have a healthy and tasty breakfast just in 99. Start Your Day with the best McDonald’s Breakfast.

  • Veg Mc Muffin
  • Hot Cake with Maple Syrup
  • Hash Brown
  • Sausage N Egg Mc Muffin
  • Sausage Mc Muffin
  • Egg Mc Muffin

McDolnalds breakfast

McDonald’s Deals:

Just get the best deals at minimal rates. So why not have the best veggi burger deals at lower rates? See the deals section from here and then order which kind of food you want for your cravings.

Mcdonalds deals

McDonald’s Happy Reader Section:

As McDonald’s is just providing you with the best reading section. Every month they just update the magazines or books. Now just take your kids with you and then have them the best books of stories.

April-May – Do SPIDERS Have Pets?

– Why Do STARS Twinkle?

May-June – Can TREES Talk?

– Do FISH Glow In The Dark?

June-July – Can Animals Walk On Water?

– Do KOALA Have Fingerprints?

July-August – Is The Middle Of The Earth Hot?

– Why Is The Sky Blue?

August-September – Can It Snow In The Desert?

– Can Wolves See In The Dark?

September-November – Is There Life At The Bottom Of The Deepest Ocean?

– Can Butterflies Taste With Their Feet?


McDonald’s Birthday Party:

Kids are the appeal of our lives, they want everything exceptional. That is the reason McDonald’s will serve joy to make their birthday noteworthy. While you make the recollections that could only be described as epic with them. Presenting McDonald’s unique birthday bundles for youngsters. Is it true that you are prepared to give them a surprise?

Mcdonalds birthday

McDelivery New Delhi:

Now McDonald’s is providing you with a delivery facility. For this, you need to just call on the given numbers and then have the best deals at your doorstep.

mcdonalds deal

McDonald’s Contact Number:

As the number of Laxmi Plaza McDonald’s branch is shared here.

+91 98997 30908

McDonald’s Address:

The complete address is shared here.

 Laxmi Plaza, Shop no 3, Plot no 15, Main Rajapuri Rd, Dwarka, Delhi, 110078, India

McDonald’s Location:

For the link to the location, you need to click on the below side.

Orient Express Delhi Menu

Now just see the complete details of McDonald’s Laxmi Plaza New Delhi Menu rates and much more. As this place has all the best things that customer demand in a restaurant. So why not visit this place with your loved ones?

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