Mango lovers can visit International Mango Festival 2022 to try more than hundreds of types of Mango. From a simple Chausa to Badami Mango, and Badami mango to Safeda Mangoes, you can try hundreds of types of Mango. This mango festival is being celebrated in the month of July for many years. This event is basically organized by the Delhi Tourism board with the collaboration of the Delhi government to promote the king of fruits. You can also visit this festival in 2022 and can quench your thirst for mangos. The best thing is that there is no need to worry about families as stags are also allow to enter this festival. So, isn’t it a good way of welcoming Mangos in summer? Check the complete details of this event and visit in the first hurry.

International Mango Festival 2022

The Mango Festival Delhi 2022 is one of the best events in India. People from different states come to Delhi to try the Mangos of other states as types and breeds of mangos changes state to state. You can even try those mangos that you haven’t even heard of. All the details of this festival are available on Dine Guru India website.

International Mango Festival 2022

International Mango Festival Delhi Dates:

Those who are looking for the International Mango festival Delhi dates must have to know that this event is going to take place in the month of July. The dates have not been finalized yet but as the officials will announce any news about its dates, we will also update this website.

Attractions of Festivals:

At International Mango Festival Delhi 2022 there will be different types of competitions for the participants of festivals. Likewise, there will be some quizzes related to mangos, and much more. Some of the main highlights of this festival are as follows.

  • Display of more than 400 species of Mangos
  • Mango Eating Competition
  • Mango Quiz
  • Different dishes of Mango
  • Mango Mickle
  • Jams of Mangos

How Many Mango types will be In the International Mango Festival Delhi?

There will be more than 400 species of Mangos will showcase in International Mango Festival Delhi India.

The Grub Fest 2022


Those who are looking for tickets of the International Mango Festival Delhi must have to know that entry to this festival is free.

Purpose of Mango Festival Delhi:

The purpose of the Mango festival Delhi is to promote different species of Mango. Apart from this, this festival provides a platform to through who are related to mango exports or mango processing industry like pickle and jam. If you are also linked to this industry then, you can showcase your product at this event as hundreds of thousands of people will attend this festival. You can also purchase different types of mangos that you haven’t tried yet.


This festival is going to take place in Dilli Haat Delhi. The complete address and location are Mango Festival Dilli Haat 2022 are as follows.

These are the details of the International Mango Festival 2022 including dates, tickets, and numbers. Those who want to reserve their stall at this festival can call on the above-given numbers to reserve their stall. We are also sharing other events of Delhi which are as follows.

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