Are you guys excited to have the details of the Sly Granny Khan Market Menu? Sly Granny has a unique vibe in the ambiance. So the environment pushes pop-retro with decorations and tungsten lighting. Whenever you visit this place you will surely get the aroma of tasty food.  There is a lot to see at the buzzy lower level without feeling stodgy, while the upper level houses the bar and a lounge. This eatery is a result of Azure Hospitality, whose exploring Mamagoto, on a similar road, cut out a new section quite a while back. At Sly Gran, you will get cocktails like the ‘Chase Statuss’. So for more detail, ls you need to see the below side.

Sly Granny Khan Market Menu

The life of food becomes wonderful after having the food from Sly Granny. A collection of spaces, corridors, rs, and staircases filled with curiosity; fo, od, and drinawaitts discerning ladies and gentlemen. So what are you waiting for? Just go to this place and then have the food of your choice.

Sly Granny Menu Rates:

Summer just got a whole lot more fun. It’s time to savor the best of everything that they’ve curated for you. It’s time to get frisky with food. Check out Grany‘s treat the Summer Shenanigans menu at Sly Granny. The rates and the complete menu carries shared here for all of you guys.

sly granny menu images sly granny menu card sly granny menu

Sly Granny Specialty:

The pasta-fari is craving this. Order in now and get the best deal if you directly order. Click on the link and then have the food at lower rates. A tastier Monday is what Granny recommends. Meaty olio-e-Aglio is the way to go get the best deal at lower rates.

Sly Granny specialty

Sly Granny Images:

This place must be on your list due to the vibe and the taste of this place. Go to this place and then get the food with your loved ones. Make sure to capture the pictures with them and make them memorable.

sly granny image

Sly Granny Contact Number:

The number of the restaurant is shared here for you guys.

+91 95999 65603

Sly Granny Address:

Here we have shared the address of this place.

No. – 4, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003, India

Sly Granny Location:

This is the link to the location.

Azam’s Mughlai Khan Market Menu

We have shared the details of Sly Granny Khan Market Menu prices location and even the address for your easiness. So make a plan with your loved ones and have the food from this place. Make sure to tell us about the taste and the service of this place in the comment section.

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