A restaurant that is designed like a glass house. Yes, we are talking about The Qube New Delhi Menu. The restaurant is a composition of a plush green vibe with a metallic amalgamation of three Gods. The expensive greenery around the restaurant just gives the feeling of the best dining. They have a comfortable indoor sitting plan that will surely give you enriching feelings.  Live Kitchen cooking will give you the best view of food. This thing will bring water to your mouth. The prices of the menu card will surely surprise all of you guys. Now see the complete details from here.

The Qube New Delhi Menu

The Qube restaurant has a vast range of food items on its menu card. The multi-cuisine will surely make your day. From Asian wok to the tasty Mediterranean food you will get all the food. The cooking style of the restaurant will impress you all. The innovative Culinary experience will make your day. Complete details of The Qube New Delhi Menu are shared here.

The Qube Menu Card:

If you want to have tasty food then dine at The Qube restaurant in New Delhi. You can make your day best and enjoy the relishing treat of this place. The restaurant is made like a glass house. This thing will add the best ambiance along with the aroma of tasty food. You can watch the live stations of chefs that create the food according to your taste.

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The Qube Breakfast Buffet:

As the restaurant is part of Leela hotel resort where you will find a breakfast buffet at lower rates. The buffet breakfast is just available from 6:30 am to 10:30 am. And the rates of the breakfast buffet are also mentioned here.

The qube breakfast

The Qube Lunch Buffet:

After breakfast time they have the best Lunch buffet that just fills your appetite. The timing of the Lunch buffet is from 12:30 to 3:30 Pm.

The Qube Restaurant lunch

The Qube A La Carte Dinner:

For dinner purposes, you will love to have A La Carte dinner. The restaurant just serves dinner from 7 pm to 12:45 am. Further details of the menu card are available in the below section.

The qube restaurant dinner

The Qube Sunday Brunch:

On Sundays, you will get a tasty brunch at lower rates. So just enjoy your weekends when you want tasty food. If you want to enjoy the food then you must visit this place from 12:30 pm to 4 pm.

The Qube Restaurant Images:

For the images of this place, you must have to see the below side. We have shared the pictures that describe the beauty of this place. Now for the beautiful place, you must visit this restaurant.

The qube restaurant

The Qube Restaurant Contact Number:

The number of the restaurant is shared here.

+91 11 3933 1370

The Qube Restaurant Address:

For the complete address, you have to see the below side.

Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

The Qube Restaurant Location:

A complete link to the location is provided to you guys.

Dubai Dining Delhi Menu

Further details about The Qube New Delhi Menu are just provided on demand. You all can comment to us about the taste and the service of this place. This thing will help others to better understand the taste of this place.

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